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Chlorine Dioxide vs. COVID-19

Many people want to know if Chlorine Dioxide (MMS/CDS) kills the coronavirus, but a better question would be...

Which Viruses are NOT Killed by Chlorine Dioxide?

Chlorine Dioxide is a nontoxic biocide that kills virtually every pathogen known to man, including viruses, according to many scientific research studies (see links below). It is derived from a natural mineral salt and is widely used in the commercial food industry. It is FDA approved to purify drinking water, which includes killing bacteria, viruses, and neutralizing poisons and toxic heavy metals, all while being harmless to plant, human, and animal cells. It's a very cheap, safe, and effective way to detoxify your body and restore your health, often very quickly, according to many personal testimonies and the COVID-19 clinical trial shown in the video to the right.


Disclaimer: does not make any claims of a cure for any diseases. Instead, we believe that when the body is detoxified, it can heal itself. This website is merely a compilation of publicly available information. For more info about CDS and the COVID-19 clinical trial in the video, visit:
See More of Kalcker's Videos HERE

I am NOT selling anything! You can make Chlorine Dioxide (CDS, MMS or ClO2) at home for just a few dollars (see videos & instructions below). I'm simply trying to spread this life-saving information about a cheap mineral salt that, according to many research studies, can quickly kill or deactivate virtually any virus and bacteria. Does this include the coronavirus that causes COVID-19? I encourage you to read the scientific research studies below and draw your own logical conclusion. These are just a few of the many studies available but it should be enough to convince you that Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is both highly effective against harmful pathogens and also safe for human consumption. Here's an excerpt from one of the antiviral studies below...

"To our present knowledge, an aqueous solution of ClO2 is able to inactivate all types of viruses."

This statement seems to agree with the video above where 100+ patients apparently recovered from COVID-19 while taking CDS. Further studies regarding COVID-19 are certainly needed but at least one other study showed that it was very effective at deactivating the H1N1 (swine flu) virus (also a corona virus) so one might assume the statement would include the entire family of corona viruses, as Andreas Kalcker claims in the video above. The country of Bolivia now uses Chlorine Dioxide as one of their standard treatments for Covid-19 with amazing success.

In one of the antiviral studies linked below, they showed that chlorine dioxide deactivated most bacteria in 3 milliseconds and viruses were deactivated in .3 milliseconds (1/10th the time) even in low concentrations. Please read the research studies below and draw your own conclusion...

Scientific Research on Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2)

Chlorine Dioxide Clinical Trials

Covid-19 Clinical Trials

AntiViral Effects of Chlorine Dioxide on Influenza viruses

Safety & Efficacy of Chlorine Dioxide

Can Chlorine Dioxide prevent the spread of Coronavirus or other viral infections?

CDS Inactivates SARS-COV2 Spike Protein Receptor
Open/Download PDF

Efficacy and Safety Evaluation of a Chlorine Dioxide Solution

W.H.O. Clinical Study (which they won't tell you about)

MORE RESEARCH STUDIES,5&q=coronavirus+and+chlorine+dioxide+consumption

CDS is an abbreviation for Chlorine Dioxide Solution, which is derived from the gas created by mixing Sodium Chlorite and an acid activator like Hydrochloric Acid or Citric Acid. You will often see the terms CDS and MMS used interchangedly because they are just slightly different ways to prepare Chlorine Dioxide from the same precursors (Sodium Chlorite and an acid activator). To create CDS, you must wait for the Chlorine Dioxide gas to be absorbed by water in a sealed container (see the video tutorial). This is about a 24 hour process.

With MMS, you merely add water to a highly concentrated CDS solution a few seconds after combining the Sodium Chlorite and acid activator. This is about a 30-second process so it is much quicker and easier to make. Aside from that, the most notable difference is that CDS has less flavor and is much easier to drink since there are no residuals of Sodium Chlorite or the acid activator remaining in the solution, which can make it difficult to swallow. Read more about CDS & MMS directly from Andreas Kalcker. And CLICK HERE to see ALL of his videos about CDS.

MMS (Master Mineral Solution) is the name coined by the man Jim Humble who discovered the medical application of Chlorine Dioxide (a non-toxic universal biocide) that is derived from a mineral salt called Sodium Chlorite (not to be mistaken with Sodium Chloride, which is table salt). Sodium Chlorite (NaClO2) is a precursor to Chlorine Dioxide. When Sodium Chlorite is combined with an acid activator like Lemon Juice, Citric Acid, or Hydrochloric Acid (stomach acid), it converts to Chlorine Dioxide (CIO2), which is the compound known to kill virtually every pathogen known to man and is one of the chemicals created by white blood cells, which they use to kill pathogens. In his books, Jim emphasizes that Chlorine Dioxide does not cure any disease but merely kills or neutralizes the pathogens causing the disease (detoxifying the body) and then the body heals itself.

I have now completed reading more than 2 books (over 750 pages) about MMS and the thousands of success stories, including people at the brink of death who made a full recovery. Most reported recoveries are usually within a few days to a few weeks, depending on the severity of the illness. Many of the success stories include HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Ebola, Zika, Dengue, Swine Flu (H1N1 virus), MRSA, Cancer & Tumors, Diabetes & Diabetic ulcers, Lyme Disease, Parasites, Food Poisoning, and many other common problems like Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, etc. Some reported side benefits are weight loss, clear skin, and hair regrowth. These are not a few anecdotal cases but hundreds of thousands of cases with over 20 Million people now using this amazing mineral. Unfortunately for big pharma, Sodium Chlorite cannot be patented because it is mineral salt found in nature but there are many "use application" patents for Chlorine Dioxide in the food packaging industry and one pending patent for use in an HIV treatment (see the MMS Documentary video below, which shows the pending patent info).


MMS Documentary

How Chlorine Dioxide (MMS) works as a Biocide

My Personal Experience
After just 2 days of taking MMS, I noticed a huge improvement in the arthritis in my lower back, which I was not expecting, especially so quickly. For the past 10-15 years, I could not stand up straight for the first hour of the day and it has been getting progressively worse with age (I'm 49 now). My 2nd morning after taking a small starting dose of MMS (1 drop per hour, 8x each day), I was able to stand up straight right out of bed with no pain or stiffness in my lower back caused by a form of spinal arthritis called Ankylosing Spondilitis. The swelling in my bad knee also went down and feels almost normal again after years of pain and constant swelling. I had the first good leg workouts in years that week! After 13 days, the stiffness had not returned. After the initial 3 week detox, I dropped to a low maintenance dose of 3-4 drops once per day about 5 days a week and my back continues to feel much better, although not as well as it did when I was taking hourly doses during the initial detox phase so it seems the more often you take it, the more you benefit. If MMS does nothing more for me, I'm already a huge fan so listen up...

The information on this page is a mere summary of things I have gathered from my research and compressed into a highly informative nutshell for you with links to everything you need to do your own research, including various sources to buy MMS or Sodium Chlorite salt crystals so you can make the liquid MMS solution yourself.

While Chlorine Dioxide sounds like a harmful chemical, it is completely NON-TOXIC to humans and animals in small amounts with a toxicity level lower than table salt (sodium chloride). In fact, it won't even harm a flower pedal while table salt will wilt it. Sodium Chlorite and Chlorine Dioxide are both FDA approved for disinfecting drinking water and they are widely used in the food industry as a powerful anti-septic and anti-bacterial agent. Chlorine Dioxide is often sprayed on fruits and vegetables and inside cans before food is packed in them to prevent bacteria from growing inside the cans so you actually consume a little chlorine dioxide every time you eat canned food. It is also widely used in meat packaging facilities to prevent e-coli breakouts. If you want to see scientific research regarding the effects of Chlorine Dioxide on pathogens and it's safety to humans and animals, you can find 5 pages of references to completed research studies listed in Jim Humbles 2011 book listed at the bottom of this page.

Chlorine Dioxide (CIO2) kills pathogens by oxidation and is much more powerful as an oxidant than Oxygen (O2), Ozone (O3), and Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), yet it is safer on human tissues than all of those. Yes, it is even SAFER THAN OXYGEN! Chlorine Dioxide kills pathogens by stealing 5 electrons from their cell walls or membranes while Oxygen only steals 2 electrons so it has 2.5x the oxidation power of ozone, oxygen, and hydrogen peroxide yet is safe to plant, animal, and human cells due to it's much lower electrical charge. Oxygen, Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide have much higher electrical charges, so while they are very good at killing pathogens, they can also damage healthy human cells.

Don't Fear ANY Virus...

The reason Chlorine Dioxide does not effect healthy cells is because the electrical charge is too weak to pull electrons from healthy cells, which have a much stronger electrical charge but for harmful bacteria and viruses with a weaker electrical charge, it is absolutely deadly to them. It literally disintegrates the cell walls of bacteria and dismantles viruses from both inside and outside. It is also deadly to cancer cells, which also have a low electrical charge similar to pathogens. And to make things better, it does not harm beneficial bacteria in our bodies because they have a much stronger electrical charge than Chlorine Dioxide, as if by divine design.

Chlorine Dioxide also neutralizes toxic heavy metals and other poisons in our body by oxidizing them. After it oxidizes a pathogen (by stealing 5 of it's electrons), it converts to Sodium Chloride (table salt). A typical dose of Chlorine Dioxide (a few drops) converts to the equivalent of just a few grains of salt, which is easily assimilated and excreted by your body without any harmful byproducts created, other than the dead and neutralized pathogens it leaves behind.

In the scientific community, Chlorine Dioxide in liquid form is often called, and sold as "stabilized oxygen" or CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution). The FDA has approved Chlorine Dioxide to treat drinking water and you can buy Chlorine Dioxide in the camping sections at sporting goods stores to treat drinking water that you scoop out of a lake or river. Shake your canteen and in a few minutes, your water is safe to drink. The FDA is totally fine with that but not with the medical application, claiming it is a dangerous household bleach.

Please Note that MMS in the form of Sodium Chlorite will bleach fabrics and IS dangerous to drink in significant amounts if it is not neutralized with an acid activator FIRST and all negative press about MMS is based on this fact. It is extremely alkaline with a PH of 14, so yeah, it is dangerous to drink without neutralizing it first but a few drops in water does make an effective antacid (I have personally used 2 drops of 28% Sodium Chlorite as an antacid with good results but try it at your own risk). However, when Sodium Chlorite is mixed with the correct amount of acid activator, the PH neutralizes and it converts to Chlorine Dioxide, which is completely safe to consume in small doses and is FDA approved to purify drinking water, in addition to over 30,000 other commercial applications, mostly in the food and meat processing industry. Since it is non-toxic to plant, animal, and human cells, it is often used to bleach paper and wood products because it safely bleaches without damaging the product. In fact, Chlorine Dioxide has been well known and used in the food and water purification industry for many decades, including public drinking water!

The Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing is a nondenominational church established by Jim Humble to obtain all the protections that come with being registered as a church. In particular, protection from governments and government agencies (FDA, FCC) who would like to silence them. They are NOT registered as a 501(c)(3) so they also retain their freedom of speech, which allows them to legally make claims of cures. As a member of the church, I enjoy these same freedoms but I still refrain from making any claims of cures, as I believe the body can cure itself when it is detoxified. The church has made MMS part of their daily sacraments, which cannot be infringed upon by any government. However, the FDA still requires that MMS (Sodium Chlorite) can only be labeled and sold as a water purifier, which it does well. The church encourages you to make MMS yourself rather than buy it from one of their members and they provide instructions on how to do it (videos included below). I was able to buy 1 Kilo of Sodium Chlorite salt crystals for about US$13. That's enough to last my family several years. The more you buy, the cheaper it gets. I have included links below for different MMS sources.

Please watch the videos below and follow the links to further educate yourself. Your life, or the life of someone in your family could very likely depend on it very soon. It seems to help with a very wide spectrum of illnesses so please take the time to educate yourself by reading Jim Humble's books, which discuss the biology of how MMS works and how to take MMS for various ailments. They are only about $20 in PDF format with instant download.

Surviving ANY Pandemic

Cancerous Mole Falls Off


Since most flu viruses cause lung infections and manifest in the lungs, delivering Chlorine Dioxide gas directly into the lungs is the most effective defense for lung-related illnesses. Here's the best method to get Chlorine Dioxide safely into your lungs so it can make direct contact with the virus and any resulting infection. The following is an excerpt from pages 204 & 205 of Jim Humble's book Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd Millenium (2011)...

"u25bau25ba Inhaling MMS Fumes
Follow these instructions! Your lungs have no pain nerves and you can damage them without feeling it. Inhaling chlorine dioxide fumes must be done very cautiously. Never, never use more than 2 activated drops for inhaling.

Step #1: Put 2 drops of MMS in a cup, add the activator and cover the cup.
Step #2: Wait 20 seconds for the 50% citric acid [or 4% HCL acid] or 3 minutes for the 10% citric, then remove the lid and lift the cup to your nose.
Step #3: Take one breath through your nose. The minute you feel it bite, stop your breath.
Step #4: Take one breath through your mouth. Take no more than one breath at first. You should cough. It is what you need to do. Then you should cough the next morning. You need to get the stuff out of your lungs and coughing does that. Typically, not a lot of coughing is needed.

Treating your lungs directly has the advantage that the MMS getting to your lungs is a hundred times stronger than what you would get from drinking it, then letting it go to your stomach, get into your blood and finally work its way to your lungs through the circulatory system. It will finally get to the lungs but the healing will be slower. You will quickly learn to use a few breaths two or three times a day, but only very slowly. I canu2019t emphasize enough that you must go slowly, working up to several breaths in the morning and in the evening. Gradually, your lungs will begin to heal. Keep in mind that this technique is using chlorine dioxide at just about 100% strength. The fumes coming off the bottom of that cup are 100% chlorine dioxide, but they do mix with a small amount of air on the way up.

When using the above instructions to repair your lungs, you take complete responsibility for yourself. I cannot be responsible for you. All I can say is that I have done this and others have told me they have too. In many cases, this is the only thing that will give you your life back. But you do it totally on your own responsibility.

u25bau25ba Using a Misting Machine
Another and much safer procedure is to use a mister, a machine that creates a mist of water. Some humidifiers also create a cool mist; read your useru2019s manual. I use 24 drops of activated MMS for each cup of water that I put in the mister. MMS will be in the mist. Use bottled drinking water. Keep a large bottle so that you can pour the liquid out of the machine and into a bottle with a lid. In that way, after you have taken your breaths, you can continue to use the same MMS until it gets used up. Make up a batch for your machine. You will probably need at least three cups. Remember: 24 drops of activated MMS per cup. Turn the machine on and put your mouth right down at the opening where the mist comes out. You will be able to tell when the mist starts as the air will get cold on your lips. At that time, the first time, take only one breath. Then 4 hours later you can do it again and if everything went alright and there was no problem, you can take 2 breaths. Do it two or three times a day and if there is no problem and you are getting better, you can take as many as 10 breaths each time. You will never be getting 100% chlorine dioxide as you would if breathing from a cup. But in every case go slowly."


Jim Humble's books are full of amazing testimonies he has collected over the years but I cannot reprint them here. He allows up to 1 page to be reprinted and I did that in the section above. However, you can find a HUGE LIST OF TESTIMONIES HERE. Unfortunately, all of the video testimonies hosted on Youtube have been removed by Youtube (big tech censorship at it's best!) but you can still find MANY TESTIMONIES HERE.

HOW TO MAKE CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution)

How to Make CDS (Chlorine Dioxide Solution)

Red Cross Malaria Study


How to Make MMS Solution

How to Make the HCL Activator

Protocols for taking MMS & CDS for Various Ailments

Helpful Links About MMS & CDS...

Chlorine Dioxide (MMS) vs COVID-19

MMS Documentary by Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing

200+ Videos (Podcasts, Testimonies, & Instructional Videos)

GREAT BOOKS: "CDS-Health is Possible" & "Forbidden Health" by Andreas Kalckeru00a0(available in multiple languages).

Jim Humble's Books (Homepage). Some are available in Spanish.

BOOK: Master Mineral Solution of the 3rd Millenium (2011) by Jim Humble
This was my favorite book. It describes much of the chemistry and biology behind "how" MMS works in the body, many testimonies, and stories of Jim's travels around the world helping people with HIV/AIDS and Malaria. To his surprise, the UN and local governments were either more interested in how they could make money or how to stop him from treating people.

BOOK: MMS Health Recovery Guidebook (2016) by Jim Humble
This is the most recent book and outlines specific MMS protocols for many different health problems. Some serious illnesses require a different approach with additional products for best results. Lots of great testimonies in this book!

Article about DMSO (often taken with activated MMS to deliver it deeper into tissues)

How to Make MMS

COVID-19 Protocol from Andreas Kalcker

Do NOT take MMS (Sodium Chlorite) without activating it in an acid FIRST! Activating acids can be Lemon Juice, Citric Acid, Vinegar, or Hydrochloric Acid (HCL). Activating it converts MMS (Sodium Chlorite) to Chlorine Dioxide, which neutralizes the ph of both. You THEN mix with 4 oz water before drinking (use cold water to reduce the flavor). The exact ratios of MMS to Activator depends on which acid you are using and the strength of your acid. Read the books and follow the video protocols to be sure you are mixing it and taking it correctly.

A typical starting dose is 1 drop of activated MMS per hour on the first day (follow the Starting Protocol). For very sick people, start with 1/4 drop. If you take too much MMS too quickly, you can get nausea or diarrhea from too much pathogen kill-off too quickly. In other words, the debri from dead pathogens can build up in your blood faster than your body can eliminate them. If this happens, drink lots of water and wait until you feel better. Then cut your next dose in half before building back up again. Work your way up to 3 drops per hour for 8 hrs a day for 3 weeks. Then drop to a maintenance dose of 6 drops twice a week. This is Protocol 1000. There are other protocols for various diseases, some more aggressive, but Protocol 1000 is the one that works best for most people.


Before You Buy...
An MMS Kit is the easiest way to make MMS, especially for first-timers. A kit contains 2 parts (A. Sodium Chlorite, B. Hydrochloric Acid or Citric Acid). I highly recommend spending the extra money to buy a kit with Hydrochloric Acid instead of Citric Acid as citric acid often causes an upset stomach. If you want to make your own kits to hand out to friends or just to reduce the price, then you can buy the Sodium Chlorite salt crystals and Hydrochloric Acid separately and in large amounts. Plus, the Sodium Chlorite salt crystals can be stored for years without losing potency but the shelf life is greatly reduced once it is dissolved into a solution, as you would get in a kit. Keep the Sodium Chlorite Solution refrigerated for a longer shelf life. Since you only take 1-3 drops per serving, a kit should last 1 person about a year and 1 lb of Sodium Chlorite salt crystals should last a family several years. The FDA and CDC have been cracking down on the public sale of Sodium Chlorite/MMS so I recommend storing up on some Sodium Chlorite salt crystals as an insurance policy for you and your family. My brother bought a 10 lb bag of salt crystals when we heard of the new Marburg virus is spreading (the WHO & CDC's next plandemic with a 30% death rate).

In The USA...
MMS & Acid Activator Kit (
MMS & Acid Activator Kit (private seller)
Sodium Chlorite Salt Crystals on
Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) Activator (6.28% HCL) Dilute slightly to 4% or 5% HCL w/Distilled Water
Sodium Chlorite Salt Crystals in BULK

In South America...
Premade Kits MMS (Sodium Chlorite) & Activator
Sodium Chlorite (80%) Salt Crystals - 1 Kilo
Sodium Chlorite Solution (28%) - 500 ml
Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) Activator - 1 Liter
Citric Acid (Activator) - 1 Kilo

Worldwide Providers of MMS Kits (Genesis 2 Church)

You may use ANY of these alternatives as an acid activator: Lime Juice, Lemon Juice, Vinegar, Citric Acid, or Hydrochloric Acid (HCL). HCL is recommended over Citric Acid because citric acid causes an upset stomach in many people, as can vinegar. When Jim Humble traveled through Africa treating people with Malaria and HIV, he always used lime or lemon juice as an activator (natural sources of citric acid) because that's all he had available and the people had excellent results. Mix 5 drops of fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice to 1 drop of 22.4% Sodium Chlorite MMS solution. Wait 3 minutes then add 4 oz clean (non flouridated & non chlorinated) spring water (and sugar if you choose) and drink. Do NOT use Orange Juice because it is high in vitamin C which neutralizes the MMS! However, you can mix MMS with Coke as a sweetener to help get it down. It's the only way my son will take it.

Other Potential Cold & Flu Remedies...

Colloidal Silver
Scientific studies show that Colloidal Silver in the nano form kills a wide spectrum of bacteria and viruses. It kills microbes in the same way Chlorine Dioxide does, by oxidation. The only downside is that it can also kill healthy bacteria too, but in the nano form (microscopic particles), it is usually all absorbed into the blood stream before making it far into the small intestines so the negative impacts on good bacteria are hardly detectable. CLICK HERE to read 50 research papers about Colloidal Silver. Colloidal Silver products in the nano form usually do not have a ppm (parts per million) higher than 50. Usually lower ppms mean smaller particles, which is what you want. Here are some good colloidal silver products: Colloidal Silver at, Colloidal Silver at and Colloidal Silver Gargle.

Iodine has shown to kill viruses in research studies. CLICK HERE for the SARS Coronavirus Study. CLICK HERE and HERE to read other studies but many more are available if you do a Google search. Actually, it's better to search to get the unsuppressed search results. Unfortunately, the FDA flat out denies these facts because these are natural remedies that cannot be patented by big pharma and sold back to us for billions in profit. However, not all forms of iodine are created equal. The best form of iodine occurs naturally in seaweed but for those who don't have seaweed available, Nascent Iodine is the best choice. It combines 3 forms of iodine in a base of glycerine & water, which make it more easily assimilated. You can find Nascent Iodine products here: Nascent Iodine on Amazon and Nascent Iodine on

In many research studies, zinc has shown to block the RNA replication of viruses inside infected cells so be sure to include a zinc supplement in your daily vitamin regimen. THIS VIDEO shows how Hydroxychloroquine opens the zinc receptor sites on infected cells so zinc can get into the cells in sufficient quantity to stop the RNA replication of viruses.

Vitamin C
Everyone knows Vitamin C is good for colds and high doses of vitamin C have shown to greatly reduce the symptoms of illnesses and speed recovery. Your immune system needs vitamin C to function properly so stock up on vitamin C, too. One of the best forms of Vitamin C is the non-acidic form called Calcium Ascorbate. The brand name for this is Ester-C but it is much cheaper if you buy it simply as Calcium Ascorbate. It is more easily assimilated and retained in your system 5x longer than vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid. Take 1000 mg per day for maintenance and increase to 1000 mg per hour if you get sick. Here is a good Vitamin C as Calcium Ascorbate product at a good price.

WARNING: Do not take Vitamin C or any other anti-oxidants within 2 hours of taking MMS because it will neutralize the MMS (mixing an oxidant with an anti-oxidant). Since MMS only lasts in your system 60-90 minutes, a 2-hour spacing should be sufficient. If you become ill with the Coronavirus, taking MMS should take precedence over Vitamin C so take your hourly doses of MMS and 2 hours after your last dose of MMS for the day, you can take your Vitamin C and other anti-oxidants, preferably with dinner.

Hydroxychloroquine: Works by opening the zinc receptor sites on cell walls and it is actually Zinc that actually stops the virus RNA replication. See "Zinc" above for a link to a video demonstration.

Ivermectin: Works similar to Hydroxychloroquine. See "Big Pharma is Hiding the Cure from The World". Also see "63 Covid Studies on Ivermectin". And Watch This Video on Ivermectin & Remdesivir. If your Doctor or Hospital refuses to give you Ivermectin, show them this NIH Website that lists Ivermectin as an Approved Covid-19 Treatment (2nd on the list):

Frontline Doctors: To get a prescription to Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin, contact the Frontline Doctors. Do not count on your own local doctor to write you a prescription. They are pressured NOT to prescribe these drugs but check with your doctor to find out whether they are loyal to Big Pharma or to helping their own patients.


MYFREEDOCTOR.COM will prescribe and mail you Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine.

XLEAR Nasal Spray Covid Therapeutic: This product is getting RAVE reviews for fast in-home Covid recovery and is available at pharmacies like CVS, if you can find it in stock. See More Details Here.


For the best protection against colds and flu viruses, you should stock up on all the products listed on this page (MMS & Acid Activator, Colloidal Silver, Nascent Iodine, Vitamin C, and Zinc). A good multi-vitamin and healthy diet are also a big help but the products listed on this page, in addition to plenty of prayer, will give you a huge advantage over the Coronavirus and many other illnesses.

I spent a lot of time reading, studying, and compiling all of this information into one consolidated page that is to the point and easy to understand. Now please do your part. Perform your own research (read Jim Humble's books) and share this page with everyone you care about.

Wishing you and your family good health as we traverse the current pandemic.

God Bless!

PS - Please see "COVID VACCINES - RESEARCH PORTAL" for info about the vaccines. From what we are seeing, the vaccines are actually far more dangerous than Covid-19 and the "Delta" variant may actually be reactions to the spike protein that's being manufactured by the vaccinated, just as they are designed. The spike protein alone is a dangerous pathogen that causes flu-like symptoms and spreads via "shedding", according to the CDC and Pfizer's own research documents.

PPS - Below are some great videos I've been collecting about the Coronavirus. It is difficult to keep up with the speed that YouTube removes them so watch them while you can! It's clear that YouTube is controlled by the globalist Cabal that does NOT want you informed or healthy.

"The Cure for All Dis-ease"

Henry Kissinger speaking to the WHO, 2009


Interview with Dr. Shiva (Excellent info)
Dr. Fauci (head of FDA) exposed Deep State player!

Plandemic Trailor (Part 1)

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Coronavirus Antibody Treatment
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Big Tech Wants You To Die!

You can go along with their plan or FIGHT BACK!

MMS Documentary
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MMS Documentary (French Subtitles)

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The Cure for All Dis-ease

Epilepsy Testimony
In Spanish but the end says it all!

Surviving Coronavirus

CDS vs. Autism

En Espanol

Disclaimer: and it's author do NOT make any claims of a cure for any diseases. Instead, we believe that when the body is detoxified, it can heal itself. This website is merely a compilation publicly available information. Please consult a licensed medical physician before attempting to treat any disease.